Always nice to see a vetting of your searching.  
We May Be Completely Wrong About How Our Brains Form Memories Link to article
In this article they show how the memories are turned on and off at the hipocampus and the cortex. This correlates with what i've been saying about the focus of the photon on the white/grey matter. That an instintanious mark/spark is created molding new idea into the memory. The hippocampus acting as a projector and the cortext the white screen. As they say 2 instances of memory are made at the same time. The photons leaving the hippocampus intantaiously illuminating the cortex. As lighting striking the body an entry and an exit. Hippocampus being the entry point leaving a small short term memory and the cortex having a lasting mark transposted to the long term memory bank. The grid numbers stored for reillumination. This brings the thought that the transfer is is not a one directional flow that This goes back into the endless bouncing photons. The photons are set back to the hippocampus from the cortex in an endless flow bouncing back and forth checking and rechecking, adapting patterns to illuminate new 3d information in the white matter. Which brings back to the thought there is the old saying that each cell is its own brain and back into what i was talking about the cell walls wave holding the shape of the cell. Photons bouncing back n forth just as the brain waves propagate through the brain.



Been a bit...  
Researchers Have Discovered a Previously Unknown Role For The Brain's Hippocampus Link to article
This discovery forces the thought that the Hippocampus directly relates to a projector / controller. Expecially with the loss of spacial awareness and memory formation when damaged. This relates back to what I was previously talking about white matter. Where the Hippocampus acts as a projector projecting onto the white matter. Giving the spacial awareness by having the white matter space to illuminate. Just like the 3d grid I wrote about below the white matter link as also seen in our 3d programs today. To further this into extra sensory feelings expands upon the spacial awareness and feeling by giving spacial representation to the feeling it self. Direction and intesity. Flow of photons illuminating the the intensity to the feeling / visual reference. The nerve endings connecting sending photons back and forth. Want to talk of healing here at this point as a subsideary to the photon flow bounced back after being checked by the system / brain. I would need to follow more on this path to better explain this healing process tied to the feeling and spacial awareness and memory management, combinding to replicate original disposition and regular flow of photons. Tho would suspect there is an additive of photons from another source to aid in the event of loss or damage to repattern the cell's photons waves. If the lungs also create new blood (external link) would wonder if this could be one of the origin for capture of new photons in a certain wave or the repattern the photon wave. The shape of the hippocampus also remanicent of a tuning fork. Larger at the bottom for more area to cover. The shape it self giving multiple points or planes of projection in all directions... back to that bouncing photon :)



started with fire sounds like with the flow photons over n over started with fire.  


See it more photon moving through mediums shaping those mediums. More n more asking why were being ejected from the earth? That this is more the culmination of the spin and photons bombarding to induce our medium being lifted away. All these intricacies are formed by the reverberation of the photons inside mediums to create the potential. To ask why that potential is leading to our escape from the planet. Looking back over time as first capture started to form the first cells till now putting us in orbit. That the photon has pushed us to build all of this when really its more of an effect. The end of a maze of mirrors yet those mirrors are gyroscopic spin capturing and releasing photons molding everything toward a greater flow from the spin of the planet generation after generation swirling us farther towards the escape. To permeate through everything carrying all mediums with the photons on their endless journey as we go smaller as to dig in as we go larger to expand as to break free as we travel to space.


  link to article model
I been lookin for a source to look at the iron and other metals with the photon in the body. This is sweet helps to put an idea to that. That they use electrical signals to detect damage directly correlates photon flow signaling grater flows. The ebb affecting the flow. The use of the iron as mirrors reflecting photon carrying the electron. Signal loss pair photons 0 net electromagnetic force passes right through iron.

Inflammation link to article
The break down into smaller poly and amino acids interest me here. Larger flow of photons in the protein regulating cell death from falling out of faze step by step by different flow photons from il-1b, il-18. Really like seeing the kinetics :) Puts more a picture to the aformentioned retinoblastoma (RB) from photon dynamics seeing the inflamation even next to this. :) Thank you need to come back for .pdf later


Superballistic mode, computer model only link to article
if correct.... Imagine the photon lines as this is happening. Would (if correct) see it going back into that electron prism effect on the photons i've been talking about on my site n science pages. Lining up the flow of photons to give the more potential inward spin to the group of electrons to squish down as the photons carry the electrons interacting as whole prisim-ly back upon the group through the group focusing more linearly electron flow as the photons make the interaction with the walls bouncing back driving the flow keeping the electrons off the walls. A photon portal so to speak. Always thought electrons could move at the speed of light or close to it as they are being carried by the photon flows. Einstein on the train idea. The train is the photon and he is the electron.


Dynamic set up for this video force causes movment, spheres never interact directly through contact. This shows the idea how from the photon electromagnetic force gives potential to the electron. 3d program is limited. Mass can be accounted for. Tho will not enact movment by design at 0 mass with the force objects. They are really primative in this version. not made for this type of experiment.
Photon flows would look like simplistically XXXXXXXXX multiplied lines tho where the center of the x's are the photons induce the electromagnetic inertia on the electrons squishing and carrying the electrons forward. As the photon bounces back to almost as if looking at the electron as o and photon movment as \ the would look like o\ the photon hitting the front creating the spin.
now these could be more acute angles or more obtuse changing the speed of the group.

Gene called retinoblastoma (RB) link to article
To me this seems to say that (RB) is controlling the photon wave balance holding cells walls together. http://nealeygraphics.com/physics/#cellwallphotonwave

Quote from this article --“RB plays a fundamental role in cell multiplication by regulating cell cycles just before DNA replication starts,” Olson adds. “Cancer occurs when this gene is defective. End quote.

Picture from article

This goes along with some of the things been looking at from the photons point of view.

Quote from article

--"CD4+ T cells in the meningeal lining produce IL-4 cytokine, which prevents nearby macrophages from making proinflammatory molecules. " end quote.

Seems that the (RB) is regulating the Neutrophils or the microglia with the il-4 cytokine?

My quote from my page http://nealeygraphics.com/physics/#immunityinthebrain
--"That cancer would be when the photons waves get garbled and bounce irregular changing the inner outer push on the cell walls collapsing down so more Microglia are sent to fill tho the jumble causes the new photons brought by these subjects to be garbled as well causing more Micoglia to fill the space irregularly forming the layers see in cancer."

See a similarity question now might be how it regulates these and that cell division may be part of immune system to replace cells on a very basic level.

Am I looking at this right and the Neutrophils and the microglia are part of the immune system through the whole body and not just in the brain???



Scientists Have Predicted How Long Photons Can Live link to article

OMG Yes!!!
This conferms what I've been talking about here!!!

Quote from article. "Since photons are moving at such excessive speeds, time dilation comes into play and must be accounted for. Once this is taken into consideration, according to the photons’ frame of reference, Heeck found that its lifetime would be a rather short three years (however, from our frame of reference, light would live about one billion billion (1018) years).

Those years look a little something like this: 10,000,000,000,000,000,000. For comparison, the universe is only 13,800,000,000 years old. That puts the lifetime of a photon at nearly 700 million times the age of the universe. This excessive gap means that, for all intents and purposes, the photon lives forever." End quote.

Only difference I see is with the photon mass. I believe the photon doesn't need mass the photon's inertia creates the mass as captured by atomic spins throwing off the gyroscopic spin weight giving direction and movement.

photo credit NASA Aye but i'm going by different paradigm. Don't think photon has innate mass no entropy. In the article he gives it mass without proof for exploring sake. Quote from the article "So, let’s see, what if photons did have mass?". End quote. The “radioactive decay,” is caused by the photons ripping through everything. That's why its called "radioactive" or the bleeding of photons through the medium. All movement is described by the giving of electron to the next atom the photon alters the spin by the electromagnetic force weighting the electron spin giving the potential to escape. Just like magnets we have a 200lb force magnet it doesn't weigh 200lbs it exerts its 200lb force as inertia. This is why when have a photon pair that render a net 0 electromagnetic force it passes right through steel. Doesn't have the single pole to be captured into the electrons negative or protons positive and works like a bullet train gliding across the magnets except this is between the atoms electromagnetic pulls.

Immunity in the brain link to article

That's pretty cool, I've been looking at everything from the photons point of view. Wondering if the Neutrophils carry a certain photon wave length that would rebuild the cell walls waves that produce the inward outward force to hold the walls in place. Or that the Microglia hold the waves to reset the cell walls waves... To explain like looking at the white and red blood cells bringing different photon waves to different areas to replenish the photons in the cell walls rebuilding cells and or strengthen cell walls. The Microglia replaces the cell so is that setting up its own new waves to hold the walls in place. The Neutrophils one wave and the Microglia another set of waves to reset the cell walls. Or (and this sounds most likely to me) the Neutrophils hold the pertinent photon waves they then give to the Microgila to set up the walls within the Microglia replacing the cell. That cancer would be when the photons waves get garbled and bounce irregular changing the inner outer push on the cell walls collapsing down so more Microglia are sent to fill tho the jumble causes the new photons brought by these subjects to be garbled as well causing more Micoglia to fill the space irregularly forming the layers see in cancer. Ive been collecting a lot on the photon (nealeygraphics.com/physics) and starting to look at the flows in the body carried by the different types of cells. Looking at temperature and color could be clues to wave lengths possibly as we sit at 98.6 degrees. Our photons waves would resonate at that temperature. Where sickness and temperature could be the induction of more photon waves vibrating atoms out of sync producing the queasy feeling. Pretty interesting stuff. Think i'm seeing the correct line here learning as I go. Learning so much :)

pictures from article >


String Theory link to article
Can see why they see strings, photon paths. But explained gravity already by taking away the photons entropy its inertia causing mass to move matter till it gets potential again to leave the gyroscopic capture. That a new photon is not created from nothing it's the same photon caught in the spin. Nothing moves without photon giving spin potential from its inertia to electron. And learned more that electrons focus the photon to kick the proton or neutron out of the atom forming the positron or neutrino in different situations.  

Put this together to show the gift and curse I have as interpret the photon or anything else for that matter. From flying and 3d graphic design learned to visualize approach Ability to project my mind as my mind is constantly overlaying things like this showing me all the geometry and flow of things 100% animated, place my mind anywhere. I don't just see things, I vividly take with me reconstruction of everything focused on. See more the connection of everything in this soup. Just wish computer could keep up to animate this correctly how I see it... Yes I still see everything normally lol just have this ability. link crisp version


Neutrinos /Positron link to article
Ghost particle. Pfft. So basically there looking for a wandering neutron not some new particle, more a different state of known particles. Prism effect in the molecule focuses photons to eject neutron tuning it into a neutrino was just talking about this last night on here and nealeygraphics.com/physics With the water molecule ejecting proton in Grotthuss mechanism that really just the opposite here same electron prism focusing photon flow hitting the neutron instead of the proton ejecting neutron into a neutrino. Look at it from the photons point of view. Positron and neutrino, proton and neutron its plain to see.  


My take on Grotthuss mechanism from photon point of view link to article
Water conducts cause prism effect. To make that proton escape have the 2 oxygen 16 electrons focusing the photons onto the hydrogen ejecting proton. As electricity AC is the electron moving in both direction or dc in one direction. That the anion loses it electron for the cation to gain to restart whole process over 2 oxygen 16 electrons focusing... and the transference of electron cause the flow of the electricity With the left handed molecule this makes more sense with the idea of AC current left hand right hand left hand right hand. Why we see the wave like form in even the atmosphere and lighting. There not all next to each other exactly so we see as wave as follow the electron movement. No entropy for photon nealeygraphics.com/physics Credits: Matt K. Petersen

link to article I was just talking about this on nealeygraphics.com/physics/#thinkbigdarkmatter that when they trapped them with lasers they in fact added photon interaction to spin into a positrons. Finding whole new line taking away photons entropy.

link to article Really goes into view of the photons/light we have encountered. This really shows advanced flows of photon waves formed into extensions of our own visions
The way we react is a systematic flow of balance check against known flows of photons waves projected through the grey matter onto the white matter. As we adapt greater mechanics have positioned our aperture to dissipate photons avenues sparking similar dis-similar waves across white matter forming pictures in the mind. The symbioses appears when say something rubs off on you it really actually does at the molecular level we take in the photons and they reverberate through our organic matter aligning where symbolism is more photon wave grouping arriving at a shape. Then we now manipulate that grouping molding to our photon wave groups to be imparted into the system or ejected from the system.
To extent to look at entanglement we take in photons from source then enact on that source entangling yet maybe this whole idea is more mirror reflecting back to the source after mirrored through the body. To even go on into perspectives like commented about buying likes that that grouping of flow is perpetuated by the vines of photon flows in society without having that spark of light to incite the idea refract the light around to push the position without the societal flow of photons. The psychology can be played out as a system of mirrors if we give the photon no entropy.
What u say today will go on forever through mediums refracted refocused scattered over and over just as that medium refracts refocuses scatters photons carrying you. Back in symbolism the caricature of the ring n power. its not so much the ring. Its the surrounding flows of photons in the ring, selling the ring, the wake of the rings photons, through all matter. That those that shine the brightest are because they are scattering information so clearly.
That the same with ideas the formations of these photons in our minds acting as a wave and particle at the same time where we see wave as standard waves flowing through all of us. School set flow of photons depictions illuminations in the mind. We then reverberate and then get retort back cause and effect. Take the entropy away from he photon. In a world of positive negative need non-entropy to have entropy. PHOTON!!
This goes back into the look I was talking about on nealeygraphics.com/physics/#leavingearth where we are more and more swirling up into the atmosphere and into space more from the point of view of the photon and why we are being ejected looking at the spin of the earth generation after generation spinning top slowly sending photons off into space. Gathering photons to lift or is it more reflection of the spin and timing and suns photon flow and pealing of our atmosphere the bigger picture more being flung by the photon flows society has been being drawn to than we are actually turning against the spin of over all photons. As we take the photons of the earth and from instruments to carry our photons off earth or is it other way around molded by societal photon flows to exit orbit.
That tho not direct the reflection does occur when look through all systems as an extension to the planets spin enacting on photons. Perception changes when look at photon pulling matter with it.  


Kinda funny when take a sec and look at it as debris from the earth. Even the way we launch n use gravitational force is like something chipped off and was hurled out to space. So then to land on other planets as if the earth ejected us that the photons swirling around inside us moved over time in such a way as to manipulate the environment to eject us and those photons into space. We see it as space program tho on the photon level all the systems that come into play all motivated by the movement of an electron which in turn gets it's power to move from photons inertia. Seems to say that the idea is from the earth it self as we rose from the dust by those photon waves keeping our very cell walls in place.

Photons building things. Photons using things.
Ideas are photons.

Multiple different waves of photons forming ideas in the mind subconscious illuminating the draft on the grey matter and bringing the final render to white matter to be consciously worked on. Then sending the photon to the musculature to implement the will.
That the hurl through space bombarded over time by photons captured by organic material giving seeming life evolving to move the mediums in such a way as to eject it self. Think about the amount of photons being controlled by the amount of photons in our bodies. To harness the fuel to extract the photons from the source and bend them to produce flow large enough to lift our photons plus our cages photons off the earth and follow orbit, use orbit to extend past the planets.
From photons point of view amazing simple compounded into complexity that we will go farther not by our choice the flow of the photon already started to loft off the planet. In turn it should continue to do so for a time. That the acuity of the angle can never be 0. Meaning that the reflection has entropy where the photon does not. Photon will bounce till it is removed by this factor because in graphic design we learn that can never really have a straight line there will always be a curve to it because of the spin of the photon.
Really starting to see no entropy for photon.
Like reptile basking in the sun takes in the photons and uses them till they get emitted and captured somewhere else.
Even today we see single entities trying to launch to space next step is to the free flow as we look at the turn in our planet and the ask why are we being ejected. Since the wright brothers first achieved flight we have more and more been swirling in the atmosphere the bigger picture hole in our ozone layer poisoning of earth to achieve this ejection from earth. With this time frame of earths cycle. Paints a very different picture of existence the luck to bank photons in such a way to have the wavelengths to recognize and stipulate emulate flows generation by generation. Capturing more and more photon flows of information
So the photon has a captured entropy decaying over time till it will expel induced by catalyst photon waves.
I can go on n on OMG Nealeygraphics.com/physics




Very interested in the light or photon from those cells. Had read before how the telomere < (cant spell lol got to start adding to spell check) on the end dna strand kept at a certain length found in algae kept them alive longer more vigorous. Besides that tho the introduction of stem with its newer well not newer, yet more recent capture of photons and wave lengths
to explain this look at the graphic design can never make a straight line there is always a curve so to look at a stem cell looking at more tightly nit play of photons bouncing around at still the infinitesimal stage where the angles are so acute still they are bouncing
.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 for example the old cell the photons are now pushed out and sitting at
for example
I believe in no entropy for photons. I do see receding and building of waves as part and whole still precedent. Yet that the telomere cap on the end of the dna strand is letting so much photons or light out of the cap at a given point so to speak as to read the information as photons make their travel the length of the dna strand like a record recording waves from the bumps of dna sending flows of photons in a more manicured way according to the dna. to go back into the length of the telomere as prisim or focus.
  Like in my old CBR before I got my ironhead have to have the breather tube on the bottom of the tank to pull the gas through or wont get past 5k rpm its garbling the flow. Can see the difference as change the lengths in the tank breather. Same applies to this telomere cap on the end of the dna strand that the certain length focuses the photon wave out from that dna strand. Then multiply up to billions of theses strands sending out different lengths. These waves photons are what keep the cell wall in place.
So to reinforce those walls with the stems' photons is like cutting new hose on the cbr the correct length so the engine rings true. Same just the flow of photons out the telomere cap on the dna strand. So the telomere at the correct length allows the flow to enter into the system of flows to produce if we back to game world tradeskill have good, better, perfect. extrapolating that out to billions tiny dna strands can't really go back and re-manufacturer a perfect cell as easily as it is to make new photo flow from stem I see it possible would have to take multiple cells to create one cell from a good cell where stem steps before that resetting the photon flows's angle. Never get back to that initial state of angle. Unless we start looking more at the photon. New string photon wave to reinforce the walls of the cell as flows of photons form the cell into its adaptation.  


last update 2/28/2017

Awesome display of photon flow as form together and idea See different photon groups set against each other subconsiously as mold together to light the white/grey matter as a memory of photon sets are arrived at(visualized) to send the photon flow to the musculature to move to the will percived best by the history of flows. That bubbling feeling talking about, waves of photons intermeshing already known photon flow waves across the grey matter to be substantiated on the white matter. Omg I just seen the difference there the grey harbors the subconsious photon flows and the white is our consious state.!!!!. link to article


Photon flow seems to explain this without dark matter. link to article


last update 2 /22/ 2017

link to article

Says it right there in the info graphic the "sunlight triggers state change" photon capture and matracing of photon to form internal wave that propagates to net of forces to hold cell wall in place.
starting to wonder now about the metals in the body reflection refraction photons.

White blood cell white for amount of photons inside carrying more photons to the wound site. Can see as white blood cell seems to push a button and string is opened or like pressing a cord on a guitar resenating photons to...... This coupled with below can see wave sent and cell wall react by opening a wave. The difference is in the idea of wave has to be constantly moving. Seeing more of switching tho still wave form in different states holding the form by the line of or wave of photons down the line, this down into the brain white matter and static waves lighting ideas in the mind for as long as we are perceving them. Moving past thing to more waves for motor skill and organ function.

Top of the spine 3 points in the mind
That led them to believe that these three regions make up a neural network from which, consciousness derives. link to quote
The idea of the camera 3 cameras so to speak. or 3 regulators of wave. yet reminds me of our optical positioning systems. where we take multiple camera formed on one point to induce trigonometry like we were talking below with nasa. Where I conflicted the distance to be possibly induced by our slim angle that could be inside twisting light changing actual distance. For we have not moved far enough to be outside the possible twist changing the lateral speed where we look out and our vision is twisted along with the twist as we look out just as the eye flips our sight.

link to article

White matter in side the brain. Dense white matter to think so finite seeing the white matter as the board and every molecule with in as a point in space to focus on. That we can focus on any of the white matter and form the thoughts by the illuminations of the white matter by the photon wave across the white matter forming objects at will. Then go into color theory everything is clear until light hits it. we have a solid dense white matter a 3d space illuminated by the photon wave inside the brain. If the eyes are at 60frames per second the brain have a framerate of a synapsis fire 50 frames per second.

A typical neuron fires 5 - 50 times every second. link to cite

We can see a loss in frame rate.

is this the matracing of the photons dissipating into our organic material as in the section below shows how each cell has a wave around it of photon movement

We can look at gamma beta alpha theta delta waves as cmyk b or w or rgb b/w

cmyk with the white would lead to think would be cmyk and b.

more waves than that but the basic sense


So there is a wave so to speak of different photons around the cell keeping the wall balance? Thart's really intriguing n go along with photon/gravity particle idea been forming. All the photons using flow patterns wave forms giving the electron the potential to move by off setting the gyroscopic spin weight by the dissipating photons captured. The inertia from the capture off setting the spin weight.. Till then gets potential to be released again. :) :) :) :) That to see these physical forces here if they are to be explained by this idea and further the idea, show that this 2d wave form surrounding a cell can be extrapolated out to network of photon waves interacting to keep our very cells in place and functioning. beyond a larger flow of photons keeping us attracted to the earth's greater negative photon pull.... So many off shoots from this come to mind. Making more and more sense every day.

Physical forces propagate from the outside of cells inward and vice versa.
See the full infographic: http://bit.ly/2m3oEiL
Read the full story: http://bit.ly/2lhyAIJ

fb post

full article

photo from article

The Scientist
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2/13/2017 last update

My drawing

Photons don't decay they just dissipate into medium like the reptile basking in the sun. They capture the photons then use them. I believe no entropy for photons and that they get caught up in the gyroscopic spin of atoms they interact with. Where we think it is a new photons being created it is really just one that has been captured and now has the potential to be released again from new input. Been studying photons a lot. Starting to see them as the gravity particle. That just because they don't have mass doesn't mean they cannot change the gyroscopic spin weight of the atoms they encounter. The weight is changed by the inertia as captured photons enters orbit.
Positive negative world that we cannot have entropy without some non entropy object. Photons


dec 1 2016

Animation from article

look at the static tho the photons moving so fast only localized for split second as the static even the pure white in the cell the photons ripping apart the cell material light moves matter not the other way around.

link to fb post


nov 28 2016

My drawing


Posting i did on nasa page oct 5 2016 link to fb post
Thank you Ian. Parallax is very interesting n was thinking about that as well with out all the technical names. I'm very visual. My drawing

Moving the view point around our orbit. In that as the twist is happening helix is formed from the star and helix it self is moving in a z direction.

That the twist it self is not a stable thing.

That the helix is constantly moving as well or even expanding as moves out from the star.

Plus multiple helixes being formed from the photon spin at time of ejection and capture and release.

Very confusing. Can see points where as moving helix if the normal structure we see is part of a twist not yet privy to bounds of the helixes to understand.

That we would see it as the normal light in that twisting helix changing the parallax that without the helix when look at the parallax would not have moved at all or distorted in some fashion.

That the parallax breaks down on stars near 100 light years as read on NASA page very intriguing.

My drawing

Where were so far away the helix has grown out of view from infinite expansion or even breaking down mixing with other helixes. That the natural light is already twisted so far it takes on our concept of normal star light tho already been twisted and expanded and photons bouncing off self and pairing at same time along the way. That this new altered structure we are seeing is at the beginning of the helix and expands out to the normal light structure on its journey out. That the photons spinning them self bump into other spinning photons causing more helixes. As nothing in space to give the friction to cause directional change in the light besides light spin colliding it self or other static objects.
My drawing I really begun to see photons as the gravity particle that light moves mass and not the other way around. That the photons "bombarding at the speed of light" is what is holding everything in place. As photons in my view set have no entropy getting captured by the atoms gyroscopic spin from proton to electron till enough energy is formed to release the same captured photon again. That its not a new photon it's the same one being ejected from the protons and electrons on an endless journey to be captured again by other atoms induced by the gyroscopic spin. Where that capture changes the atom spin weighting it with the gyroscopic spin pulling objects with the photon. More electrons more gyroscopic weight to pull with the photons.
With that, that the entanglement of photons keeping residual spin over all from the helix as edges collide with other heavenly bodies the helix becomes warped from the electrons dissipating through the gyroscoping spin.
My drawing
That to unraveling back the spin would account for the change in the parallax that is tied to greater helix expanding out. Flattening when crosses our perspective.
I've been trying to explain it multiple times not finding understandable way yet. Tho can see it clearly. This area crosses into that idea and still learning. Where electricity is just concentrated light upon it self where the spin keeps them going around the gyroscope. On to radiation and plasma and magnetism is all the frequency of the photons interactions vibrating changing color and temp.
So not really looking at it all in the same fashion as we normally believe. Where Tessa said to follow the vibration I'm going one further to what is causing that vibration. As Einstein e=mc2 it is that speed of light pulling the mass creating the seeming energy. Backwards. That even in our mind it's the photons coalescing to create points to form the images we see then sent on to cause the movement for we see then do. Where motor skill see arm move then arm does the what we saw. The photon coalesced then moved to or entangled when entered the body on creation and counterpart then fires from the entanglement.
The idea has been evolving slowly since I first realized unifying energy of photon movement and gyroscopic spin happening in atoms were like the photons are finger bumping a spinning top causing wobble that then moves the top. So many photons hitting.
In drawing we learn no such thing as a straight line that always a curve relegates this theory even more as

color theory states:
everything is clear until light hits it.


I know parts of what I said collapse back upon them self I haven't found the connections yet in words tho still can see it so clearly. This all is keeping me from relying on the trig to explain things and makes me wonder if we're missing something.

That natural physics that we don't yet understand with conventional science could possibly be hiding some of these ideas.

Thanks above made for reply since fb cant really add pictures in comments.

below is ideas been forming along the photon. For over a year, now being 2016
What is light? This illumination we find around every corner. That spark, that glimmer, that shine, that arc, that explosion. Rays that radiate out in endless paths quantemly manipulating electron spin, endlessly matracing material finding the least flow of resistance.  

This inherently sounds very similar to the way electronics work and the movement of electrons in a wire.
What is electricity?

The transfer of electrons.
AC electrons moving in both directions.
DC electrons moving in one direction.


So we ask again.
What is light? Photons, the transfer of energy from an electron so the photon is a process of electron movement by emitting or capturing of the energy of the electromagnetic field surrounding the electron. In effect more count of power than particle. As light moves in waves
my animation

So then ask again
What is electricity? Now knowing that the photon is the process passing the energy from electron?
It must be the photon carrying the energy in the wire. To push the electron down the line. To interrupt the electromagnetic flux.
my animation
We ask does light carry weight? Inherently no, light manipulates objects weight by the transfer of electrons. We can pin point this fact by simple boyhood joy of burning ants with a magnifying glass. Charging the ant with so many electrons from the rays of the sun.
The ant Burns.



To say we then control this light bending in ourselves? We have learned to induce reactions yet those reactions were derived from the original light that started in the stars billions of years ago and has been spinning inside everything molecularly. More to say the stars decided than we had anything to do with it. Just a catchers mit taking the light and throwing it back. Look at the constants mass sound light. 5 senses sight sound touch taste smell..... touch taste smell all involve mass. I would even farther that sound is a form of light wave. Leaving us at just mass and light. As we are looking for what makes up space, it is light it self. Bouncing from trillion to the trillionth power of different angles speeds direction.

Where as

Reflection the transfer of electrons in the opposite direction.

Where did the light come from to place between the item and the sight.

Follow the flow. Like old cartoon light going down street puts hand out to grabs a street pole and spins around and around and around and around till lets go. We just think that electrons are spinning for no reason??? That it just spins and it wasn't spun??? It's compounded light in different states. As photon is matter of transfer not an entity. Never dies out just gets spun like going into the rapids.

As we see a static object with light projected upon it as the surface electrons excite forming caustics we see.

Cannot find darkness for there is forever light. Why night vision works cause still light present just not in the wave form we can precept.

We have to see something from the right angle to understand it the light has to enter at a certain angle to illuminate correctly the idea.

Color theory everything is clear until light hits it.

Man and a woman have a baby the dna or encapsulated light meet with a spark and begin to develop inside the woman as the Rays of light from the Dna expand the material matracing all the details and textures of the new born before the newborn is then birthed.

This again looks strikingly similar to flows in thermal dynamics where loop is formed and develops till flow is brought back again and the loop empties out.

Evaporation the excitement of the electrons of water molecule till h and o2 split into their separate atoms because of the new spin on the electrons from the photons of the light.



All forms of light transference

Do these photons disappear? No such thing as gravity. Just electromagnetic force (light) pulling electrons. More dense an object more electrons. More pull to smaller objects with less electrons. No gravity particle. Light has been bouncing and bending before time it self separating and attracting everything. As photon is that process of transfer.
megaelectronvolts atomic nuclear electromagnetic electricity plasma radiation all just states of light

One common example of a plasma is the flame of a candle. The candle wax burns and gives off a hot gas that emits energy, in the form of light. It is this excited and hot flame that is known as plasma. All fire is plasma. The light we see during a lightning strike is plasma. Another example of plasma is the sun and other stars. The light and heat of the sun is a result of hydrogen and other elements in a plasma state.

Why do the atoms vibrate when light shines upon them because the photons are absorbed and emitted at different rates or frequencies disrupting the stability of the atom by the throw of the electrons being bombarded with photons

Increasing the temperature as the the electrons excite and spin faster increasing orbit. We are adding more energy to the system as the light raises the temp

We always remove ground first negative first electron is negative as proton positive.

fujiwhara effect fibonacci spiral

My drawing early idea forming

loop in the flow
ocean eddies

loop in the flow

Starry Night

which brings up the photon capture idea how its capture and released never dies just gets potential again.




Map of the human connectome or connections between brain regions.
link to article

An MRI technique called diffusion tensor imaging traces the bundles of nerve fibers that carry electrical signals between different areas of the brain. Credit: Thomas Schultz, Wikimedia Commons -link to article
More connections between the 2 sides in the frontal lobe better to illiminate white matter as the grey matter difuses the electrical signal into the white matter to focus with photon waves more waves types known lines we solidify as truth possibly. -my input

Highly creative people have significantly more white matter connections (shown in green) between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, according to a new analysis.
Credit: Daniele Durante, University of Padova -link to article

To have a closer look graphic warning brain slicing link can see that:

Simplified version I made

The top of the brain white matter area forms X axis and Z axis
The frontal lobe white matter area forms
X axis and Y axis
The sides white matter area forms
2 Y axis and 2 Z axis.

3d program XYZ
2 sides maybe for the processing of peripheral vision plus each eye more conections faster processing 2 axis' against each other as the article talks about both sides having more connections between them in more creative people.

3d program XYZ 2Xs
To see more in the mind visualise ideas better between the 2 giving us the virtual reality we can form in out mind. instead of altering the xy the y,z are altered. Also the ability to form to different splines on each y,z axis to put parts together non symetrical 3d

Sound is light.

I posted on june 6 2016

Capturing Sounds From Oldest Stars in Galaxy

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I attest that sound is really light. Waves of photons vibrating electrons on the hairs in the inner ear. Capturing a different frequency than the eyes. Microphone transforming photon waves into electric charge. Same difference.

I posted on

Capturing Sounds From Oldest Stars in Galaxy


Look at a sonic boom. We see the threshold direct photon then hear the so called sound few moments later as the wake fans out photons and our ears pic up the residual lesser vibrations

Same with thunder storm as front moves past all the electrons vibrating warming temperatures as photons coalesce with the electrons gyroscoping light around and around until released in a bolt of lightning and the residual photons disperse in all directions bouncing till meet the electrons on the tiny hairs on our ears. Vibrating the atoms creating frequency we call sound.

Photon following the least path of resistance taking mass with it by the exponential gyroscopic spin of the electron. Always to the negative.

Gravity waves.

Yeah so nothing :/ (heard reports since wrote this that could have found new particle), if can keep up ....

Where as photons are still passing through the gyroscope of the electrons, and electromagnetism is already proven... I was just setting up dynamic gyroscope in 3D to shoot replicated photons at, to show how can seemingly keep a line after passing through or skipping off of a gyroscope. Then to animate the electron and then clone it all and watch all the collisions (To understand more my self and see more tangible idea. (We could be looking for the 89th degree or the 1st degree angle opposition of gyroscope, that it is the specific angle photon interacts as the wave passes, curve passes. Even 360 degrees outermost points still make wave or curve shape unless there grown or cut ;) (c4d add hair object). (Design theory there is never a straight line. This would account for that loop on the atomic level )) To me crating is like setting the idea down so can work on more detail if that make sense as move through project *place holders) Like an electron spinning around an atom. Just cause it doesn't affect it doesn't mean it isn't utilizing it. I see this wave ur talking about as just a ripple in the electrons flux. Been doing 3d so long whole 3D program is in my mind and can do ten times more than what a computer could do on the fly just with my mind. Mapping photon throw from millions of points of atoms. Akin to modeling the next project's millions of points. Same difference with an emitter. The wave passing through is to large to see across our viewpoint. 1.8ñ3.1 eV is tiny comparative to the distance talking about one of these waves would be. Like going into c4d adding hair and making only some of the hairs an inch shorter. From a distance wouldn't even be able to tell. Up close wouldn't be able to tell. Only at that right angle would you be able to see the effect.

I think it's still electrons causing gravity phenomenon cause proven through how electricity works and contorts mass every day.

Photosynthesis is the direct transfer of light to electricity. So it is transferable and changing states. Electron is the raw essential. Not to not keep searching. Tho I think when systems start to have characteristics that are the same tend to follow and find out why.

2 automobiles same gas completely different engines. Electron is that fuel. Actually in comparison to an engine the electron to me would be a tune and port/ polish. The mirroring, the flow. The reflection of, redirection of. Lot of electrons lot of redirection. Something we already know the flow of.



link to article

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like a gradient killing off light particles from an emitter or waves light particles quantemly matricing off the waves imprinting a brighter matriced path to follow again. thats cool. idk if i got the wording down yet tho i can see it vividly. Points in space. Focus on those 2 sections is the hippocampus z and prefrontal cortex y maybe then the rest of the frontal lobe is for x.... ? or commented before the hippo 3d z & x area and frontal lobe 2d y & x area. or another area for the x? They found 2 frequencies... there's a frequency for every color? What color did they use? I think hold a memory of color and imprint the usage of that color in a grander firing of the all the synapses or neurons or whats needed to depict images by pointillism. Sounds like the lead to the gearboxes that tell the x y z points to flash what color. context. in the moment ever updating changing oscillating
Color theory: everything is clear until light hits it.


Thanks never know. I've always had the ability to see the far inner-workings of things and then backward engineer it. Still learning but seeing rather large point system going on with electron capturing and reviving photons as electrons move in their own atomic electromagnetic gyroscope.

This idea of photons moving mass seems to explain lazer propultion systems and even the excitement of conventional engine combustion with the photons exciting and moving atoms of atmosphere.

I've been putting all these ideas together while reading and commenting on different science pages. Since my postings the new forms of water. light and fire have been found.

Even saw Steven Hawking saying how light may be able to escape black hole after posting about how black hole may be more the calm inside the center of a storm. That the black hole is more the eye of the store where we can find the streaming of light to thr center could be more the random escape of energy in to the eye of the storm where still may hey hit by stray drops of water tho the eye is calm.

I plan to keep adding as find more information. Nothing poper about this tho can see formations of ideas leading to different way of looking at things. Love to learn and look outside the boxes we create.




I've grown up on the edge of advanced aerobatics and flight. Have lived my life at speed at the edge of physics experiencing and experimenting on the edge of physics. Living on privet airport right next to fermi lab been looking down and intregued and following science and quantem world and astronomy my whole life. I got into drawing and 3d and working on computers, cars and bikes and experimental aerobatic aircraft very young. I have been lucky to be in a very different place to learn a lot and wish to only help.

light matracing link - http://www.sciencealert.com/quantum-light-beams-solve-biological-mazes-with-some-help-from-classical-noise



Gathering of information looking at the Photon

Photon dynamics and their roll in the attraction of objects.
Dissection of the idea No entropy for photons
Gyroscopic spin weighting by inertia